About the Author

Descry was born in Colorado and grew up exploring wild places in search of prehistoric peoples and the wonders of nature. In his twenties, he was captured by the magnitude and magic of the Colorado Plateau and melded his life into that region.

Descry’s work emerged out of one of the most exciting and mysterious regions on the Planet, the American Desert West. His works are filled with vivid descriptions of real places and events. His writings explore possibilities that are so plausible that the reader has a difficult time separating truth from fiction.

Descry and his family live, depending on the season and their whims, in Prescott, Arizona. They spend quality time in Colorado, in Oregon, in Mexico near the Sea of Cortez, and in Europe. He is actively involved in family, education, archaeology, environmental issues and business. In his writings, he shares his insights and love of the land and its peoples in a way that charges one with awe.

Descry’s works, Unscrewed, The Education of Annie, and Raven’s Chance, demonstrate his ability to write from completely different voices. Annie, is a first-person narrative written in the voice of a baby-boom generation woman. Raven’s Chance, explores insanity through Jungian symbolism, Henri Bergson’s work, and Rupert Sheldrake’s concepts. Taking completely different voices, Descry’s Cut Off!, The Onoto Trilogy, The Spirit Series and Crow Canyon, are not presented in author-standard form. Rather than adopting one style and formula, Descry delights in using different ways of communicating. His subject matter is as varied as his life and interests.

Descry is currently working with his two sons and wife Jo  to create a book on the potential of education in the 21st Century.

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